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sharilyn hale


Three trends that will influence Canadian philanthropy in 2022,

Canadian Family Offices (December 28, 2021)


Philanthropic elders can strengthen the family philanthropy experience, describes Dr. Sharilyn Hale,

Canadian Family Offices (September 29, 2021)


sharilyn hale

Dr. Hale in conversation with Canadian Family Offices on why charitable giving in Canada is at a crossroads,

Canadian Family Offices (September 10, 2021)


intersections and innovations

Giving and Fundraising Trends by Dr. Sharilyn Hale РIntersections & Innovations: Change for Canada’s Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector,

The Muttart Foundation (2021).


Giving Together: How Generous Families in Canada are Navigating Family Continuity and Community,

Canadian Charity Law Association (May 12, 2021).


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