Why work with a philanthropy advisor

We know working with a philanthropy advisor may be a new concept for some, yet doing so can provide significant value. Listed below are five common reasons people and organizations seek and invest in expert philanthropic advice. Which ones resonate with you?
why work with a philanthropic advisor
1. You need a place to start

You’ve made charitable donations in the past but perhaps due to the sale of a business, retirement or inheritance your capacity to give has increased significantly. Giving back is a major priority but you’re not sure how best to approach it.

Watermark can help you get started, with personalized support to articulate your purposes for giving, determine the appropriate giving structures and governance, and develop a giving strategy or plan that reflects your goals.

2. You aspire to engage family effectively

You may want to involve your family in giving for the first time, or already have a long legacy of giving as a family. You may be anxious to begin, navigating conflict or anticipating generational change. Ultimately, you want the family’s engagement to be both productive and meaningful.

Watermark knows giving as a family can create tremendous benefits but also present distinct challenges. We offer specific expertise supporting generous families, including thoughtful approaches for how to best structure your family’s multi-generational involvement and ways to approach decision making, in ways that strengthen the family, provide continuity, and make a difference in the world around you.

3. You want to be strategic and have impact

You have a history of giving but may wish to be more intentional than reactive. You may wonder, “has it been worth it? What difference has it made? What can we do differently?” Or perhaps you want to make a major charitable investment but aren’t sure how to determine if the results will be there.

Watermark is deeply knowledgeable about the charitable sector and how social change happens. We provide assessment and evaluation services for past giving, specific gifts, or distinct projects, to ensure you become informed about the past, or anticipated, impact of your giving.  We also serve as a strategic partner and sounding board to foundation staff and leadership.

4. You desire deeper understanding and connection

You may have a particular interest for your giving but not be familiar with the associated landscape, or know the key leaders or organizations working in that space. Perhaps you’re investing in a highly specialized or complex initiative that requires independent expert knowledge. You may also want to connect with charitable peers, philanthropic networks, or learning experiences.

Watermark is able to provide research, access to content specialists (e.g. medical, science, gender, environment), and an expanding network of social change makers, so that you have the information and relationships you need to realize your objectives.

5. You value and are used to getting good advice

You are accustomed to getting the best advice possible to manage the full range of your affairs, and you appreciate that giving well requires the same intention and planning.

Watermark can be your philanthropic partner, so you can take your philanthropy further, make a difference in the lives of others, and experience the deep satisfaction of being generous.