Learning Journeys

Let Watermark take you on a customized learning journey, to ignite the joy of giving and help you build a strong network of support and culture of curiosity along the way.

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What is a learning journey?

A learning journey is an experience intended to inspire your understanding and work in philanthropy and leadership.  Watermark will work with you, your family or board to design a dynamic individual or collective learning experience based on your needs and interests, such as:

  • Trends and developments in philanthropy
  • Charity sector orientation
  • Domain or issue exploration
  • Art and science of grantmaking
  • Governance approaches and models
What are the benefits of a learning journey?

With the opportunity for fun, self-reflection, and shared aha’s, learning journeys can be immensely valuable to:

  • Deepen relationships with family members/colleagues
  • Gain clarity where you may be stuck or lack knowledge
  • Become open to new possibilities or approaches, and better understand your community
  • Expand your network of leading content experts and practitioners
  • Prepare rising generations (including children) to be involved
  • Inform confident decision making
What might a learning journey look like?

Watermark can incorporate a variety of virtual and in-person sessions, expert round-tables, curated readings and book clubs, peer collaborations, interactive site visits, and even travel studies, to craft a defined learning journey that fulfills your objectives and deepens your performance.

A learning journey approach is informed by the identified objectives, the number, age, and geography of participants, and time willing to be committed.  Contact us to explore what’s possible.