Affluent Caribbean Philanthropy

In 2020, Dr. Hale initiated a study of Caribbean philanthropy and high-net-worth philanthropists of the region.  While formal philanthropy by individuals and families is practiced across CARICOM countries, there is little information or understanding of who gives, how they give, or what their experiences and challenges are.  This is in a region struggling to grow social capital and infrastructure.

Sharilyn has interviewed 30 leading philanthropists who support the region, across 8 islands including Barbados, Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad and Cayman Island, as well as Canada, the US and UK.  She looks forward to releasing the study report in 2022.

Caribbean studies
The study findings will provide a deeper understanding of Caribbean philanthropy, and more importantly, provide a roadmap for greater giving and philanthropic investment in the region.  It will also help address a striking absence of Caribbean philanthropy in academic research.

Sharilyn grew up in the Caribbean, and has lived and worked across the region, maintaining strong personal and professional networks.  She is deeply grateful to all those who have supported the project by participating in interviews, making introductions, and providing content expertise.