Selected Publications by Sharilyn

Selected Presentations by Sharilyn

Other Resources

Women Give 2019: Gender & Giving Across Communities of Color. Women’s Philanthropy Institute, 2019.

30 Years of Giving in Canada. Lasby & Barr, 2018.

Imagine Canada Accreditation & Standards Program Handbook, 2018.

Good Grant-Making Guide. Johnson, 2015.

UnderDeveloped- A National Study of Fundraising Challenges Facing Nonprofits. CompassPoint and The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund.

Riseboro, Caroline, 2014. Rating-Charity-Overhead-Rates-The-Limitation-of-Overhead-to-Determine-Charity-Performance. Paper for the Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership program at Carleton University.

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