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We know you’re inspired to make a difference.  Watermark can help you get started, or propel your giving to the next level. 

Through our highly personalized discovery and design process, we’ll help you clarify your purposes for giving, determine appropriate giving structures, funding models, governance, and develop a giving strategy that reflects your goals. 

We can support the implementation and management of specific strategies, to ensure you have the capacity to bring them to life.  We are also happy to represent you to charitable partners on the transactional aspects, freeing you up to focus on the heart of your giving.    

Uncertain about your impact?  Watermark is deeply knowledgeable about the charitable sector and how social change happens.  We’ll assess past giving and gift experiences, including your charitable relationships, to determine where future value can be increased.  We will also create evidence-based evaluation or accountability frameworks where warranted. 

Family Engagement

You may want to involve your family in giving for the first time, or already have a long legacy of giving as a family.  You may be anxious to begin, navigating conflict or anticipating generational changes.  Ultimately, you want the family’s engagement to be both effective and meaningful.

Watermark believes giving as a family is distinct from other approaches to giving, and can present unique challenges for the family to navigate.  Yet, when done with intention and planning, giving as a family can create tremendous benefits from strengthening the family, empowering and preparing the next generation, and enhancing wealth stewardship.

We offer specific expertise supporting generous families, including thoughtful approaches for how to best structure your family’s multi-generational involvement and decision-making.  For more established philanthropic families, we offer a Giving-Governance Reboot which includes an assessment of current practices and a custom-crafted approach for the future.   

Watermark is also available to facilitate philanthropy-focused strategic conversations, family meetings, and retreats, where active conversation and exploration provide an opportunity to strengthen and advance relationships and thinking.  Popular content includes:    

  • What ‘Money Messages’ Do You Carry?: An exploration of how perceptions about money and wealth inform feelings about giving it away  
  • Generational Personalities Exploration: Light-hearted but instructive generational mapping that opens dialogue and deepens shared understanding
  • What am I inheriting?: A personal and collective opportunity to reflect on family history and legacy to inform the future

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