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You want to give, and give well.  Watermark can be your partner to achieve your philanthropic goals, reflecting the issues you care about, and the impact you want to make.

Sharilyn is experienced working with individuals and couples. She also loves working with families (often in the context of a family business or foundation), to support family philanthropy across multiple generations. With deep knowledge of the philanthropic communities in Canada and the Caribbean, Watermark is able to customize the following services to best meet your needs:

Passion & Purpose Lab

  • Exploration of your passions, values, and philanthropic purpose;
  • Getting clear on philanthropic directions and priorities, including defining decision making criteria;   
  • Philanthro-Campus modular learning on topics of interest to you;
  • Facilitated family retreats, conversations and critical decision making for philanthropy

Philanthropy Review & Assessment

  • In depth analysis of current giving practices, history, experiences and charitable relationships; evidence-based assessment against goals; creation of evaluation frameworks (where appropriate) 
  • Interviews probing perspectives on giving, future considerations, concerns and aspirations;
  • Landscape overview providing baseline for shared understanding and recommendations for future. 

Giving Strategy & Grantee Engagement

  • Development of comprehensive giving plans – philosophy, strategy, structures and resourcing;
  • Representation to charities on your behalf; gift negotiation; gift proposals/agreements;
  • Orientation to particular areas of the nonprofit sector; strategic research, organizational profiles and due diligence;  gift evaluation.

Giving-Governance Tune Up

  • Structuring your giving-governance for effectiveness; roles and responsibilities; ongoing learning and education; 
  • Philanthropic succession counsel for families, giving counsels and foundations; preparing for leadership transition or next generation involvement;
  • Engaging multiple generations in family philanthropy.

Sharilyn is discrete, objective and does not advocate or represent any cause or organization, meaning she is wholly focused on you and your philanthropic journey. She is also able to work collaboratively with your team of advisors or Family Office.

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